Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Over 80% of organizations said that a highly emotional intelligent workforce will be required for success in the years to come, according to a study by the Capgemini Research Institute. If you want your company to succeed, and if you want to succeed, emotional intelligence is key.

EI for Work

This training is for employees and self-employed people from any industry who wish to improve their emotional intelligence in workplace situations. After the sessions, the participant will be able to better perceive, understand,  and manage his/her own emotions, resulting in less stress, better self control, more motivation, and better working relationships with others.

EI for High Potentials

This training is for high potential employees, leaders-to-be, and others who want to maximize their leadership potential. After the sessions, the participant will be able to better understand and manage his/her emotions, and begin to understand how to empathize and manage the emotions of others.  This is a perfect introduction to the realm of leadership, where results are based on the performance of team members rather than one’s self.

EI for Leaders

This training is for existing leaders who are currently managing one or more team members. After the sessions, the participant will understand how emotional intelligence and leadership are intertwined, and discover the aspects of emotional intelligence to be improved in order to become a better leader – such as being authentic and inspiring performance.

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